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About Community Service Help

Georgia Community Service has a simple mission: Rehabilitate at risk individuals through education instead of punishing them leaving society and their local community better off for the future. We believe that by using education as a tool to better an individual they are less likely to end up back in the court system and can be a positive member of society again.

We wanted to make community service accessible to those who are unable to find another outlets. Georgia Community Service has partnered with a number of 501(c)3 federally recognized non profits to provide an alternative means of completing court ordered community service. We believe in a progressive community service model that rehabilitates people instead of punishing them. Negative reinforcement has been proven as a lesser way to go about a problem instead of providing positive means of rehabilitation.

Georgia Community Service caters to at-risk criminal offenders and provides them with a means to improve their lives. By educating criminal offenders they are statistically less likely to commit another crime, therefor, benefiting their local community more then any other possible solution.

Punishing criminal offenders is a short term solution to a long term problem. The only way to truly lower crime rates is to rehabilitate and educate people so they have options and can focus on improving their life and becoming a positive member of society.

We Will Save You Money

Traditional Georgia Community service can be humiliating and cost you a ton of money you weren't planning on putting even more pressure on your life. While you don't have to pay a fee to volunteer your time for most charities there are plenty of huge costs involved. Every day gas becomes more expensive, hiring a babysitter can be an expensive nightmare, you could lose your job from taking all of the time off, not to mention when you are volunteering you do not get paid. What charity is open on nights a weekends? None that we know of.

Jamie came to us when he needed to complete her Georgia community service hours because she is a single mother of two beautiful children and works two jobs to support them. The time off work and the potential loss of one of her jobs might have been a huge burdon on her blossoming family. If Jamie were to complete her community service the traditional way it would of cost her over $1650.00 for her 90 hour obligation. A single mother does not have that kind of money to spare. Jamie registered for our service and volunteered online. She was even able to use our educational program to help her daughters with their math homework while complete her community service hours. She turned her letter into the judge and moved on with her life. We are truly happy for you Jamie! You rock!

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